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Cp. 2: Make a pack for Dialectocalypse

  Make a pack for Dialectocalypse

What I need to know?

you have know how to edit a txt file, make folders, and copy files.

A pack have:

>> A folder with a name.
>> A subfolder in that one called data
>> Inside the name\data folder: (view image below) some txt files, a dialect.2cl, a somename.bat, and a folder called "intrface" with all the .txt

Download Template language (34.4 Kb)
I think this will help to do the work. The texts are the original English. Unzip in the main folder of dialectocalypse.The name of the language is "Template"

The .TXT files:
>> carmafolder / data / powerup.txt: The list of powerups in the game. You can change the properties of each powerup, but you do it at YOUR OWN RISK. This is a very long file, so you can edit it with Notepad.

>> carmafolder / data / SCROLLERS.TXT: texts like "wrong checkpoint" or "2x Combo". WARNING: To make a space between words you have to use the "_" symbol, if you forget it the rest of the message will be invisible.

>> carmafolder / data / Status.txt: the status of other drivers, like "racing around". before the text is a number telling the game how many lines are available. You can add more texts to each condition, but remember to change that number or the game will crash.

>> carmafolder / data / Text.txt: general text, inluding camera names, graphiscs config on race, and a lot more. Try to respect the lenght of the texts.

>> carmafolder / data / intrface / Interface.txt: Texts in most of the menus, try to respect the lenght of the names, But if you cant do that, and some text end up of other texts, you have to edit other files in the intrface folder.

>> carmafolder / data / intrface / .txt: Each file is a menu. probably you will need this in some languages to change the position of the items. The name of each file speack from themselfs. The more common is change the wrecks.txt, because the "buy" word its too short. so you have tu change the position of the button.

The dialect.c2l file
This is like c2c files for carstock... the c2l file in the data folder of the game have the current installed language. On first install the c2l is "original". Each pack needs a c2l file.
Use a notepad kind of edit and write something like this:

lan=argentokalypse&by=KSkins -
-^ --------------- ^
-| --------------- L credits for the lang
-| ---------------
-L Artistic name of lang.

Don´t make spaces
Don´t forget of the "&" between the vars
Respect the var name


The somename.bat file

This is the executable file that makes all the copy. Maybe you are no get to use this kind of stuff, because is MS-DOS (when dinosaurs ruled the earth). So I made a complete explanation:

Make messages invisibles
"press a key to continue..."
clear screen
go to the corrrect folder /
copy of the txt files
copy of language info
go to the corrrect folder
copy of intrface files
good bye message /

@Echo off
Echo D I A L E C T O C A L Y P S E
Echo -----------------------------
Echo installing template version
Echo did you make a backup???
Echo (if not better close this program)
cd template
cd data
Echo Copying general texts...
copy *.txt ..\..\..\data
Echo .................... End
Echo Copying language info...
copy *.c2l ..\..\..\data
Echo .................... End
cd intrface
Echo Copying menus texts...
copy *.txt ..\..\..\..\data\intrface
Echo .................... End
Echo End of instalacion
Echo KS Web design -

Send the pack to us!
We will publish your pack as part of the Dialectocalypse and as an individual pack for carma2.