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Dialectocalypse Version 1.0
(updated on 12
march 03)

Some bugs fixed. 4 languages available:

>> Spanish (original)
>> Spanish (Argentina)
>> English (original)
>> Dutch (Donation by Savage-elve)

Size: 448 074 bytes - Need help?

How this work?
If you don´t want to use the Dialectocalypse, just unzip the files in the carmafolder/data or unzip in other folder and then replace the old files.
Individual packs (only TXT files)

Argentokalypse (argentinian spanish) by KSkins
Money: pesos PowerUps: Roach/Acowbomb (translated)
Comment: Una version con típicas expresiones de lunfardo, las traducciones no son literales. Tinene algún insulto cada tanto.

Dutch (donation by Savage-elve)
Money: Euro PowerUps: Originals(translated)
Comment: Dit is een vertaling van alle teksten voor het menu en in het spel zelf. Ik heb mijn best gedaan om leuke alternatieven te verzinnen voor engelse uitdrukkingen. Deze versie is waarschijnlijk netter dan het origineel.

English (original of game) by Stainless/SCI
Money: credits PowerUps: Roach/Acowbomb (changes by KSkins)
Commnet: Olmost the original version except I fix the "timer frozen/Timer thaw" PowerUp.

Spanish (based on TDR texts) by KSkins
Money: pesetas PowerUps: Roach/Acowbomb (translated)
Commnet: Usando algunos textos del TDR 2000 para respetar expresiones españolas, y los texto de los menús son neutrales.

How this work?
Just in case copy or move the original carma2.exe somewhere else. Copy the new file in the carmageddon 2 main folder.

Carma2.exe files

Spanish(Argentina) by KSkins

Dutch version by Savage-elve

Original(English) by SCI