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This a aplication for Carmageddon 2 to change the texts files for menus, game messages, powerups, etc. to any language.

Lastest News

12 mar 03 - Dialectocalypse 1.0 complete. You can change the texts in the program. Some modifications to the texts in Argento & Spanish.

03 ma 03
- New language available: dutch, donation by Savave-Elve. NEW!! DOWNLOAD TRANSLATED CARMA2.EXE FILES at download section.

02 Mar 03 - New version Available. 3 languages and the bugs are fixed.

25 feb 03 - If you have a pack of .txt files send it to me so I can start to make the packs. zip files, including those in "intrface" folder.

How Dialectocalypse works? click in here